Saturday, April 20, 2013

oh, yes! oh, yes! it's springtime! (at last!!!)

waking up from long hibernation during the loooong winter. seems very timely to start blogging again :)

today we were out and about since lunch time. it's the bratislava open doors day, a.k.a. bratislava for all. it's the day(s) when you can go to museums and different bratislava attractions for free. there are also some free rides, including historical transport vehicles. 

this year, we were able to ride the historical bus to zelezna studnicka. just by chance. originally we planned to take the tour train to the castle, spend some time at the playground, and take the historical trolley bus back to town. but, the wait was long and the historical bus 33 was right there and about to go.  so, what do we do?
we went all the way to the ski lifts. it was about 20 minutes hike from the last stop. the ride wasn't free though, only tomorrow it will be. no wonder there were no queues. but at 4€/pax (children up to 6 are free) two-way is reasonable enough. so we went up and back. 

on the way back, no more hiking. we were just in time. we caught the normal bus, but we didn't have tickets. good thing it was just 3 stops and no checker. :D we also didn't wait too long for the real free ride back to town.

andy fell asleep at last while still in the bus. so we decided to just walk to eurovea for dinner. kolkovna was fully booked, so we ended up in mercado. it was not a cheap dinner, but i think it was a good ending to a good family day out in the city. 

we didn't get too much of the free stuff that the city was offering. but it was a good, hassle-free day that everyone enjoyed. :)

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